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Chess Boxing is a hybrid sport, a combination of chess and Boxing in alternating rounds. Chess Boxing fights have been officially held
Presentation on the topic Competitions on the downhill sled with wheels  Downhill competition in the Thank you for attention !
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Chess Boxing is a

Chess Boxing is a

hybrid sport, a combination of chess and Boxing in alternating rounds. Chess Boxing fights have been officially held since 2003. The concept of chess Boxing first appeared in the comic Enki Bilal "Freud-equator".The Dutch singer IPA Rubingh, inspired by this comic Novel, brought his idea to life. The fight consists of 11 rounds, odd rounds — chess (or rather, "quick chess"), even — Boxing. Between rounds— 1 minute pause

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Toe wrestling  is

Toe wrestling  is a sport involving two opponents who lock feet and attempt to pin each other's foot down with no time limit similar to arm wrestling. The game was invented by four drinkers in Ye Olde Royal Oak Inn in Wetton, Staffordshire in 1974, who were bemoaning the fact that the United Kingdom struggled to produce any world champions. Logically, if a new sport was invented that no one else knew about, the country could boast a champion at las

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Cheese Race

Cheese Race This is an annual event, which is held on the last Monday of may."Cheese race" is traditional for people living in the local village of Brockworth, but in recent decades it has increasingly involved people from other regions of the UK and around the world. The origin of the custom is not known, but it has existed for hundreds of years

Слайд 5 Competitions on the downhill sled

Competitions on the downhill sled with wheels Downhill on

with wheels Downhill on a sled with wheels in

the city. This unusual competition is a bit like a Luge, but the participants drive on the asphalt and can accelerate to a speed of 57 kilometers per hour. Current world champion — Denis Araujo from Brazil

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competition in the antics According to

competition in the antics According to the rules

of the tournament, participants must stick their heads in the yoke and make faces. in 2015, Gordon Blacklock, who managed to win the 16-times champion Tommy Mattinson, and among women — Claire Spedding, the second time was Impiana antics among men.

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Sepak tacraw is a

Sepak tacraw is a

popular sport in Southeast Asia. ... The sport was officially named "sepak takraw". The name comes from the Malay word "super-kick, kick" and the Thai word "takraw-woven ball", which is a kind of compromise between the two countries claiming to be the birthplace of the sport

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Spitting cherry pits In

Spitting cherry pits In

a number of countries where berries are grown, there is a rather funny tradition-the championship in spitting bones, which is held after harvest. In the United States of America, the most popular competition in this sport, if you can call it a sport, is a competition for spitting cherry stones. Despite the fact that in a civilized society spitting is condemned, in this competition it is encouraged. People of all ages are encouraged to try their luck and see who can spit out the cherry pit the furthest.

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